Review of Braun 2865 cruZer3 Precision Styling and Shaping S

If I had a choice, I would have given this shaver a ZERO.It worked fine for my teenage son for about 6 months when the foil broke.When I called the company, they told me that I had to buy the whole set of foil and blades which cost as much as the shaver (@$40).The replaced foil broke again, almost at the same spot, with the new blades after only 3 months.Now I am trying a different brand.My advise?Check if you can buy individual replacement pieces before you buy the shaver.

Product Description
The cruZer3 combines shaving, styling and trimming features all in one tool Shave A shaving head with floating foil to comfortably shave those areas you want to keep clean. Style A roatating styler with two sides, which makes working the contours easy. Style precise lines and sharp contours with the broad side and manage those hard-to-reach areasand thight curves eith narrow side. Trim An adjustable rtimmer to keep your beard at the right length. Specifications * Large 13 mm Foil Diameter * Floating Foil Frame * Extendable Wide Shaper * Narrow Precision Shaper * Adjustable Trimming Attachment * Washable * Colour: Silver * Lacquered * Hard and Soft Materials * Rechargeable & Mains * Cordless Running Time: 30 min * Charging Time: 1 hr * Environmentally Friendly Cells (NiHd) * Auto Worldwide Voltage * Input Voltage: 100 v 240 V * 12 V Smart Plug Charger * Charging Light: 1 LED * Running Light * Electronic Switch * Cleaning Brush included * Oil Bottle included * Foil Protection Cap included * Guarantee Period: 2 years Model: cruZer3

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