Review of Norelco 8865XL Spectra System Cord/Cordless Electric Shaver

QUALITY: I have been using my OLD Norelco razor for almost 12 years. Since I excercise the batteries "correctly" (full discharge->full charge) they have lasted up until now. I don't baby it, and I have only had to replace the cutting heads a few times. The old Norelco was built like a tank and has been reliable and DURABLE. I recently started looking for a replacement and figured that if the new razor lasts only half as long, even $$$ is money well spent.
Upon opening the box, i was disappointed in several minor ways:
1) Can Norelco PLEASE learn "green" packaging? There is far more blow-molded plastic than necessary. The razor is about 16X the volume of the package.
2) The AC adapter has "grown" compared to the old model. It now has a small wall-wart. The older models used to be a simple plug into the wall. This could be annoying if I lose the special adapter.
3) The travel bag is an obnoxiuos light gray with a hint of lavendar, and larger than necessary. Simply not the most masculine of travel bags.
4) The fairly symmetrical head has a slightly asymmetrical clear plastic cover with no good directionality indicator. This lack of a poke-a-yoke means I'm gonna throw it out soon and go without it. Oh, and it doesn't stay on all that tight, either.
5) After first use, I did a "practice" clean. This worked fine until I gave it a minor shake dry....the head fell off! Easy to put back on (it's a simple metal leaf-spring), but funny nonetheless. C'mon Norelco....this is a "MAN's" product.

1+ It definitely gives a much closer shave than my old NORELCO, and quickly!
2+ It holds a lot of charge
3+ (Like my old unit) it has the sensitivity adjustment
4+ Even on "Normal" sensitivity, it doesn't pinch
my neck like the older model did.
5+ The trimmer works really well.
6+ The AC adapter cord stretches to 6ft easily.
OVERALL RATING: 4 stars. Although it doesn't feel like the tank my old unit was, this is definitely a top notch razor. I would have given it 5 stars except for the clear plastic cover.I plan on getting a good 5 years of daily shaves out of this one. WELL WORTH THE MONEY and i'm glad I bought it.

Product Description
Speed, comfort, and practicality sum up to a close shave that rides a man's face like a high-performance sports car - gripping the contours for maximum coverage. Individually Floating Heads move independently for a closer, more comfortable shaveImproved Patented Lift and Cut Technology enhancement to Norelco patented Lift & Cut system 1-hour Full Charge for up to 45 minutes shaving Includes Charging Stand and Storage Pouch

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