Review of Norelco Rechargeable Cordless Shaver - 7735X

I bought this same item after years of use of the old one. Everything was the same on the new one except there was no guage so you could tell when to recharge the battery.I would rather pay more money to get all the features available on the old one rather then paying almost the same price for the replacement.However, it is such a great shave, I would buy it again.

Product Description
Features:LED Battery Charge and Low Indicator.Automatic Worldwide Voltage 100V or 240AC.Hanging cord and cartridge caddy for convenient in-shower use.Easy-to-insert cartridge system - Use just the amount of lotion you like.Full-width trimmer for defining and shaping moustache and sideburns.Razor comes complete with charging stand, travel/storage pouch, trimmer, hanging cord, cartridge caddy, 2 shaving lotions and 2 gel cartridges.

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