Review of Remington MS5200 Titanium MicroScreen Shaver with Bonus Nose and Ear Trimmer

Shave as close as blades. It may take a while, but it will get the job done. (Based on just my person experience, comparing to Braun 1000, 4000. 500, and 8000, the new Norelco SpeedXL, and Panasoic Linear).

Poor build quality in all area, look and feel, fits and noise level (loud), shake, power connector, and so on. (The new Norelcos have the similar problems - look and feel cheap. Far less solid than my old faithful Quadra. Braun and Panasoic feel better build. Brauns are pleasure to my eyes and hands. But unfortunately, no one shaves as close as Remington)

And it's a shaver after all and it supposes to shave. If this Remington doesn't last (I have my reasons to be a bit worried), I will have to get another one of the same. Only hope Remington will at least keep their technology intact over time. (Side note, among all the auto cleaning systems, the one comes with the Braun 8000 series really works: fast, clean, easy to get the shaver in and out of the station, and does charge and wash separately. Too bad Remington doesn't come close in the washer technology, and Braun doesn't cut as close!)

P.S. I have no beard or mustache, but lots of whiskers in all directions around and under chin. All other shavers I've tried simply won't go there. The difference is loud and clear, literally: when the whiskers got cut down, you can hear it. All shavers work great in the initial cutting phase. But Only Remington continues on after that, while all others just do empty runs, and my fingers clearly tell me there're more to be cut.

Bottom line: Try it. Don't get scared away by the bad raps on the web. I tried Remington as my last resort. And I never regret that I did.

P.S. now it's 2009, the shaver still works great, the battery is at about 2/3 of the original capacity, but not the screen. It starts to cut into my skin from time to time. A screen set costs half a shaver. So I am debating if it's worthwhile to get the screen at all...

Product Description
Remington's most innovative shaver!Introducing the shaver innovations from the MS-5500 without the cleaning base.World's Only shaver with 3 Titanium Microscreens!It features a pop-up mini foil for precise results in even the tightest spots, beard-lifting comfort fins, and Remington's special ComforTech contour technology and a CleanShave washable design. It also has a three position pop-up trimmer for precise trimming and hard to cut hairs.This shaver is rechargeable and corded, has a one hour quick charge and a reserve battery charge.This shaver is designed with an easy grip surface and charging indicator lights.It comes with a 30 day performance guarantee, deluxe travel pouch, cleaning brush and is compatible with worldwide voltage.

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