Review of Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec Men's Shaving System

I bought the new Philips Norelco 1050cc Arcitec Shaving System, returned it for a refund after 30 days, and then purchased a the new Braun Pulsonic 9595 Shaving System. Since I've had experience with both now, I thought my experience might be of value to others. I've had 3 Norelco shavers over the past 20 years. The 9595 is my first Braun shaver.

Shaving Closeness - The Braun definitely gives a closer shave and in less time, although the Norelco is acceptable. One reviewer commented about getting nicks from the Braun but I have not had that problem at all, even around the chin.

Comfort - The Braun feels heavier (I didn't actually weigh them) but I found the Braun more comfortable to hold.

Noise - The Braun is noisier, especially during the cleaning cycle.

Status Indicators on the Shaver - The indicators are better on the Braun; however, I've since learned that's mostly because I had the 1050 model. I now see that the 1060 or the 1090 models would have been better and probably would equal the Braun.

Charging/Cleaning Stand - The Braun is more convenient to replace the cleaning fluid but about the same cost (about $1.00 per week). Both seem to clean equally well. The charge and cleaning status lights on the Braun are easier to see and give better status information. But the big difference here is the way the charging system works. With the Braun, you simply place your used razor in the stand, push a button, and the cleaning & charging are taken care of. However, with the Norelco, there are a number of warnings in the book to unplug the unit after it completes its cycle. This is a major inconvenience if you have to hang around and remember to unplug the unit. Also, the lack of an on/off switch seems a poor and cheap design.

Trimmer - To even off my sideburns, I found the Norelco somewhat difficult to use because the trimmer did not stick out far enough beyond the shaving head. This was not a problem with the Braun.

Cost - The Braun cost about $20 more.

Return Policy - 60 day money back with Norelco; only 30 days with Braun.

Bottom-Line - I started with a bias toward the Norelco because of my past experiences but in my opinion, this new Braun definitely surpasses the Norelco in terms of shaving closeness and convenience. Braun is clearly worth the extra $20, although the Norelco is a decent product.

Product Description
Offering a 360 degree swiveling shaving head and a state-of-the art sleek design, arcitec is the most advanced Philips Norelco shaver yet. Compared to other Philips Norelco shavers, arcitec offers new flex & pivot technology, a more aerodynamic design, and an advanced tube trimmer. The unique flex & pivot technology delivers an exceptionally close shave. Three individually flexing shaving heads are connected by a ball joint system making them swivel, rotate, and pivot with a full range of motion. The maneuverability allows arcitec to adjust to the contours of your face ensuring optimum skin contact and a closer shave - even on the neck. The new arcitec Shaver is designed to push the boundaries of shaving and to conquer those hard to shave areas. Cutting edge innovation doesn't stop with the shaver. The arcitec 1050CC comes with a Jet Clean system, to keep it clean between shaves - it automatically detects which cleaning program the shaver needs: economy, normal or intensive, and it has active drying to have your shaver ready to go in no time. Beyond cleaning, now you can recharge your shaver while you store it, with the Power Pod travel case that plugs into the wall and protects your investment! For those sideburns, goatees and moustaches, the new patented precision tube trimmer cuts hairs closer to the skin. This improved performance is due to the tube cutting system moving back and forth capturing every hair. All of these improvements and new introductions make it possible for you to conquer your neck to look and feel your best! Chart your course with the new Philips Norelco arcitec and be confident you're getting a perfectly close shave - even on the neck. FeaturesFlex and Pivot Technology: Three independently flexing heads in a shaving unit that swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion. This ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas, to catch even the most problematic hairs on your neck for a perfectly close shave, even ...

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