Review of Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System

In this review I am going to cover the BG2030 and also compare it to the previous model, the BG2020.There are some big differences between the two models and just because the BG2030 is the newer model, it may not be the one for you.Also, this is a body groomer and as such, body anatomy will be discussed.If you are easily offended, stop reading this review now.

If you are like me, you saw this body groomer and wondered what the big difference between this and a regular electric razor was.Well, after having been in those shoes, let me explain.If you've ever tried to cautiously use an electric razor or an electric trimmer on parts of your body below your neck, then you probably had a mixed experience.On some parts of your body it works, whereas on other parts it was painful and simply not possible.Those days are now gone.Regular electric razors/trimmers were never designed to shave the entire body.However, body groomers have been designed to shave the ENTIRE body and have blades that are closer together to prevent pinching the skin, thus providing a pain-free experience.

For the sake of clarity we need to address the parts of the shaver.In the picture you will see that there are two different heads that you can attach to the handle.The attachment with the foil on the inside and the cutters on the outside will be referred to as the foil attachment.The other attachment that doesn't have a foil will be referred to as the trimmer attachment.Also, there are 2 trimming combs and each trimming comb has 5 different settings, allowing you to trim your hair from anywhere to .12in(3mm) to .43in(11mm).Those are just the length settings when using the combs; you can get a smooth shave when you use the foil attachment.Also, all the pieces can be stored in the back of the charging stand.Unfortunately, there is no travel case.

Underarm Hair:
Prior to the BG2030, the BG2020 really struggled here and it took a lot of time.Now however you can use the trimmer attachment to knock down most of the forest.However, once the forest is down, minor maintenance with the foil attachment doesn't take long.

Chest and Ab Hair:
No problems at all.I was a little concerned about the nipple area but both the foil and the trimmer attachment were able to be used without any pinching at all.

In the words of another reviewer, the "Bodygroom" is Shaft, Beanbag, and Starfish safe. No nicks or any pain...no worries at all.You can trim the forest to any length, and then follow up with foil attachment if that is your desire.Because of the design of the groomer, you can shape things any way you would like.I experienced no skin irritation, however, I would imagine that most people will experience at least some irritation.I have used the shaver both in and out of the shower and have noticed that I get a smoother shave when I'm in the shower.This is due to the warm water relaxing the skin and opening up the follicles, which makes it easier to shave.Like any electric razor, there are going to be some hairs that lay flat that you're just not going to get no matter how hard you try.When it comes to effectiveness, I actually think that my Mach 3 does a better job in getting everything smooth, but the body groomer is more convenient, and also allows you to trim certain areas instead of going completely smooth if that is your desire.

Come on, Norelco, no travel case?Why do you do this?

--------------BG2030 compared to the BG2020----------------

The most obvious difference is that the BG2030 comes with the additional trimmer attachment.Also, you now only have 2 combs with multiple settings vs. 3 combs that had fixed settings.Sounds like the BG2030 is perfect, right?Well, what isn't obvious in the picture is that the BG2030 trimming combs only attach to the trimmer attachment and DO NOT fit the foil attachment!This is a HUGE change because the BG2020 model allowed you to attach trimming combs to the foil attachment.Norelco, what were you thinking?

The reason that this is a problem is because if you want to do both a trim and a shave, then you have to swap out head attachments whereas before you just had to remove the combing attachment.If you keep the body groomer in the shower, then that means you also have to keep both head attachments in the shower.Personally, it's frustrating to have to change out the head attachment and now when I travel I have to take both heads instead of just the one.

If you plan on doing any traveling with your shaver (without the charging stand), you'll probably want the BG2020, mainly because you can put a combing attachment over the foil to protect it.Also, you don't have to take the additional head.If you want to travel with the BG2030, then you'll need to find a way to protect the foil or else you'll have to take the charging stand with the storage compartment to keep the foil attachment in.

-------------------------- Overall Opinion ----------------------------

This is a FANTASTIC shaver, but I'm rating it 4 stars because Norelco chose to do away with combing attachments for the foil head.If they'd provide that like they did in their previous model, the BG2020, then the BG2030 would be untouchable.They also need to add a lanyard to it so you can hang it in the shower vs. having to lay it down and damage the foil.If you are looking for a groomer to just trim and shave your groin area and chest area, then I think the BG2020 might be a better fit for you.If on the other hand you're going to be shaving big areas that have a lot of hair to knock down and you don't mind switching heads all the time, then the BG2030 will probably work better for you.

Product Description
The all-over Bodygrooming system, with specific trimming and shaving attachments, optimized for sensitive bodyzones

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