Review of Philips Norelco 7310 Men's Shaving System

This shaver provides a fairly standard Norelco (i.e. 3 head rotary shaver) shave -- however, definitely not as fast or smooth as the more expensive norelco models.This product is really only for the norelco (rotary) shaver fan, that cant afford a more expensive model.Anyone else should look elsewhere.

As compared to, say, your typical single head Braun, to me at least, the Norelco models I have used (this is the second) seem to take a little longer to shave with, a little less powerful.I gather some like that the three heads contour to their face better or some such, but after years of experience, I still prefer the quicker shave of the traditional single head (non-rotary) shavers.I tend to think most electric shavers get you to the same closeness eventually, but some just take longer/more passes to do it, and the norelco's seem slower.

As compared to my prior 4 or 5 year old (but more expensive) Norelco, this shaver takes a little longer to get the job done, and is a bit rougher on the face, even after giving my face a few weeks to "adjust" as they say.Its not radically different then my older Norelco, but definitely somewhat slower/rougher.

The thing feels generally solid enough and comfortable in the hand.The pop up trimmer seems reasonably solid, useful for trimming longer hairs, but useless for detail work.It will trim my small sideburns, but I 100% need a straight edge to get the remaining smaller hairs off.(Trying to clean up the side burn area with the rotary heads just does not work.)The power cord is a bit odd - you really need to shove it in the slot *hard* or it doesnt stay.Once I got used to it, was ok.

The plug is also a little on the large side, which could be an issue for traveling, though not that bad really.

Potential issue:I am not sure about this model, but many norelco shavers, the battery cannot be changed easily because its welded in.At $40-50 for the razor, I suppose that is not a huge issue, but its not a plus factor either.

This razor does hold a charge for quite a while, its good for several shaves without a recharge.However, there is no charge indicator at all.There is a green light that comes on when the razer is on, and another green light when its plugged in, but nothing changes as the battery gets low that I can see.You know it needs a charge when the motor starts to slow.A 5 or 10 minute emmergency charge is fine, so its not a great problem.

Verdict:decent shaver, but no great bargain at $40-50.Spending more money or buying something different is recommended unless you love the norelco shave and this is your price range.

**Editted Verdict: Well, I just bought a much more expensive Brawn series 5 razor...after a week of use and multiple side by side tests...have to say, this cheap razor fares vastly better then I thought it would, actually beating the Brawn in some respects.For day to day shaving...it may (gasp) actually be a little better then the Series 5.Could be I was biased against it because I knew it was cheap.The price is also now more like $25-30 then the $49.99 my wife paid, so its VERY cheap.

Product Description
The new 7310 showcases the core technology from Philips Norelco. Cleaning is simple with the 7310 as it is completely washable. The Patented Reflex Action System automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving. Comfort shaving heads provide smooth skin contact for a comfortable shave. Super Lift and Cut technology features a dual blade system that lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level.

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