Review of Philips Norelco G480 All-in-One Premium Grooming Kit

I'm hairy.I don't deny that whatsoever.With that in mind, I decided that my body would be an excellent testing ground for the Philips Norelco G480 All-In-One Grooming Kit.I personally tested each and every accessory that came in this kit.After allowing for the ten hour charge period (I actually gave it about fifteen hours), I entered my bathroom and started my hair removal process with the nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer.Although it does an excellent job of removing the hair, it did pull a tad bit at my nose hairs.My second victim was the mini shaver, which is exactly that:a mini version of a real electric shaver.As with the big version of these blades, it gave a "close enough to last till five o'clock" shave but still can't beat an actual razor.Next was the precision trimmer, which worked excellently.It gave me some wonderful looking sideburns.I used all three of the combs next, with the hair clipper comb working the best.The beard and moustache comb did a decent job, but had more curves to deal with than the hair comb.The eyebrow comb, much like its beard/moustache compadre, didn't fare quite as well as the others.The fine detailing blade works well, especially around the ears, which is an oft-neglected area on my body.The final test was reserved for the full-sized trimmer blade without any type of guard on it.I used it to shave my head, neck, back and chest.While it gets exceptionally close, I didn't look anything like Captain Picard or Charles Barkley when I was finished.That job is still reserved for my old razor and shaving cream, which I did utilize to finish the job.

While I'm still ugly, I am a lot cleaner looking than before using the Philips Norelco grooming kit.The best performers in the lot were the detailing blade, precision trimmer and the full-sized trimmer blade without the guard on it.The mini shaver garnered the poorest results, but is a good tool to use between real shaves.As for the battery life, I did all of the above clipping and trimming in one sitting without having to recharge.

If you're a guy (or girl) who likes a very neat and clean look (and not necessarily bald), this grooming kit is well worth it's price.It's one of the best electric kits I've used and I've gone through quite a few in my lifetime.Give this kit a try.You're skull (and back, and nose, and chest, and better half) will thank you for it.

Product Description
The Philips Norelco G480 All-in-1 Grooming System has a full-size trimmer, now with superior visibility, that is designed to keep your hair, beard, and moustache looking sharp. Both the hair clipper and the beard and mustache trimmer are equipped with nine locking-length settings that allow you keep your hair groomed just how you like it. And with the handy mini-shaver, you can add crisp finishing lines and edges to your facial hair and neck line. This precision groomer features Norelco's revolutionary MicroBlade Technology, designed to give you unprecedented precision to create the exact look you had in mind, while providing a discreet way to keep your nose, ear, and eyebrows looking clean and shorn. You'll also appreciate the trimming attachments that rinse clean in a snap.

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