Review of Philips Norelco HQ8 Spectra Tripleheader Replacement Heads

Replacement blades are a must. The razor will remind you about once a year which is fine in most cases. But, if you have a heavy beard or shave more than once a day, as I do, then you should replace the blades every 8 months or so. The reminder on the razor is only a suggestion, not a command. After all, it does not know when the blades get dull. So, I simply ignore the reminder and replace the blades when I feel it is necessary.

One thing you must do is use the new blades for several days until they settle in and adjust to your skin. Until then you may have a little irritation. Another problem I have solved is the hair on my neck. I use to think the harder I press the razor, the better it would get those stray hairs. But, all I got was a rash. I discovered that if I simply use a very light touch and not press hard then it got those hairs much better and with no redness.

Replace your blades at least once a year and your face with thank you.

Product Description
HQ8. Fits Spectra 8800 Series, Norelco 7800 Series, Norelco 7100 Series, Norelco 7200 Series.Contains 3 Cutters and 3 Combs. Made in Holland.

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