Review of Philips Norelco RQ10 Shaving Unit

The Shave:
The floating heads on the Norelco electric shaver really do a good job of conforming to the curves of my face. It takes me about five minutes to shave according to the built in timer on the handle. The shave is much more uniform than that of the Braun 3615 that I have been using for the past few years. However, the shave is not as close. Before the Braun, I used a Norelco 5801. This model is a big improvement over the old Norelco which was slow and not very close at all.. The trade-off with respect to the Braun is one of a closer shave using the Braun vs. a more uniform shave with the new Norelco.

The clippings are collected in pockets under the shaving heads, This is an advantage in that the clippings are not scattered over the bathroom sink as they are with some electric razors. The pockets have to be cleaned out every shave or two. This is not a big problem. It only takes a few seconds. The manual indicates that the RQ10 shaving head assembly must be replaced every year. Amazon offers the RQ10 for $35. By contrast the Braun cutter and foil assembly which lasts for about one year sells on Amazon for around $24.

If you are buying this product, I suggest that you search Amazon and Google for the best price.

PS: I found that I had to replace the head assembly after 6 months. I am now using a Remington Flex 360 Rotary Shaver which has a design similiar to the Norelco but provides a faster, closer shave, and costs a lot less.

Product Description
Philips Norelco shaving unit for Arcitec models

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