Review of Philips Norelco NT9110 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer

My first trimmer was a Panasonic ER411NC.It was a very good trimmer, providing me with an elegant solution to a problem that most men start to have once they reach middle age: nasal hair.The Panasonic has a circular tip that has small, slit-like openings.Inside the tip is a spinning blade. The hair gets caught between the slits and the spinning blade.That is how it cuts.I wrote a review of that trimmer back in July of 2004 and gave it 4 stars.

My second trimmer was another Panasonic, ER421KC.This one had a small LED light to help you see while trimming under your nose.I bought it to replace the ER411NC after it fell off the counter and damaged its blades.The ER421NC is very uncomfortable.Althought it uses the same blade design as the ER411NC, the motor seems to be weaker.It is easily stopped.The spinning blade sometimes cannot cut the hair that gets caught between the slits and itself.The hair can force the blades to stop spinning.It will be hard to remove without pulling the hair out.This is very uncomfortable, to say the least.It will bring tears to your eyes.

I bought this Norelco (the subject of this review) to replace the second Panasonic.The design of the Norelco is different.It cannot be forced to stop by your hair.It uses the same cutting design as your sideburn and mustache trimmer.So far, it has proven itself to be comfortable.However, it does take longer and more effort to trim with the Norelco.You will have to make sure that the hairs that you want to trim are caught between the oscillating blades of the trimmer.And, since the blades are small, this could take a few minutes of your time.Whereas with the Panasonic, all you need do is stick the tip in your nose and move it from side to side.With the Norelco, you will have to be more deliberate.However, it is the most comfortable of the three.Plus, you can use the Norelco to trim your eyebrows, if you need that sort of thing.It is also the easiest to clean out of the three.

I believe this will be a good trimmer for you, if you value comfort above any other consideration.This trimmer is waterproof and it can be washed with warm water.

Product Description
INDICATIONS: Norelco NT9110 nose and ear trimmer blister is 100% water resistant for easy use and cleaning. New cutting technology for fast ultra sharp trim. Guarded system protects against nicks and cuts.

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