Review of Philips Norelco 8160XLCC SpeedXL Jet Clean Men's Shaving Set

Just purchased and have been using this shaver for one week. I was caused to change shavers when a Braun 7500 series died just beyond the warranty period. The new Norelco is beyond my expectations and is much better than my prior Braun. The Noelco is the quitest shaver I have ever used in over thirty years of shaving. It is also produces the cleanest shave I have ever received with few facial areas that you need to go back a second time to shave. Perhaps the only fault I can find with the shaver is that once you have used the automatic cleaner one must remember to either unplug the cleaner base or move the shaver (disconnect the point of contact between the base and the shaver)otherwise the shaver base goes from cleaning mode to charge mode. Otherwise a great shaver and Amazon with its rebate offer makes the shaver a great deal.

Product Description
Norelco's New Speed-XL Jet Clean Shaving System combines a Cleaning and Charging System with the NEW Norelco Speed-XL Shaving Heads which have 3 rows of Blades and Slots and Holes, and covers 50% more shaving surface for a faster, smoother and closer shave!The Speed-XL Power System is Rechargeable Cord / Cordless.It can be used anywhere!This model has a 7 LED Display which displays battery level, battery low warning, cleaning indicator, shaving head replacement indicator.One hour full charge for up to 55 minutes of shave time -- over two weeks!Shaver has a Spring Release, Full-Width Trimmer, automatic Worldwide Voltage, and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Full Two-Year Warranty!Accessories to use with this shaver are #HQ9 Speed-XL Replacement Heads and #HQ8010 Car Cord Adapter.

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