Review of Philips Norelco SpeedXL 8240XL Men's Shaving System

Before obtaining this shaver (through a promotion) I had been using the Philips Spectra 8890XL shaver (the so-called "James Bond" shaver), which was the top of the Philips line a few years ago, which at the time was widely reviewed as the best available electric shaver, and which retailed for around $200. I had doubts that this shaver, which retails for about half that, could best the one I already had.

In terms of shave, I was wrong. This 8240XL (which is identical is shave to sister models 8250XL and 8251XL) is a TERRIFIC shaver. With this new shaver, I can shave much more quickly, and it handles the hard to shave areas (e.g. my neck) with more aplomb. In addition, it's a lot quieter than my old shaver, and it's lighter!

Outside of the shaving ability, this is a somewhat bare bones model. That means no shaving height adjustment, no digital readout of battery life remaining (just a light which lights only when you're charging and blinks when the charge is done), and no stand. But the shaver itself is excellent. What a surprise.

Now I'm left in the strange position of considering relegating my old expensive Spectra to my travel kit!

Product Description
The new Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 features 50% more shaving surface for a fast close shave. The new Contour Following System follows the contours of the face catching each hair with one stroke. The shaver simply rinses clean for easy maintenance. The Precision Cutting System features ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble. Super Lift and Cut Technology ensures a close shave with a dual blade system designed to lift hairs to cut comfortably below skin level.

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