Review of Philips Norelco HQ6 Quadra Action Tripleheader Replacement Heads

These are replacement heads for what I consider the best all-around electric razor on the market, the Quadra 7865XL. (My first Norelco electric lasted 30 years.) The razor itself is efficient-but the "business ends" are the heads. The manual says to replace them every year, but they are rather pricey. I was not thrilled by this aspect of the product, but experience has shown that you don't have to replace them that often IF YOU KEEP THE HEADS CLEAN. I brush mine out every time I use the razor, and clean the entire head assembly every one to two weeks. The major cleaning is easy: take the entire head assembly off the razor (the hinge snaps into the body) and place it in a small dish of Formula 409™ (DO NOT USE A CLEANER CONTAINING AMMONIA! It will destroy the plastic parts and cause corrosion of the metal.) or similar household surfactant cleaner for a few hours, then take the heads out to rinse and clean them as instructed. Then I lubricate them as instructed. Do not overlubricate! Following this procedure, I can make them last a year and a half, and I shave my entire head every day.

However: You will notice a decrease in efficiency after about a year, and if your whiskers (or hair) are particularly tough, yearly replacement may be a necessity.

Also note that the instructions indicate a "breaking in period" for new heads. This is quite true of any self-sharpening electric razor head. Two or three shaves after replacement, there is a marked increase in efficiency.

In sum: a good product that works as advertized when used according to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. With extra care in use, it works better than advertized.

Product Description
HQ6. Contains 3 cutters and 3 combs. For maximum performance change heads once a year. Fits Norelco Quadra Action Razor Models Only: 7885XL, 7864XL, 7865XL, 7845XL, 7825XL, 7815XL, 6891XL, 6890XL, 6887XL, 6886XL, 6885XL, 6867XL, 6866XL, 6865XL, 6848XL, 6846XL, 6829XL, 6828XL, 6826XL. Not all Quadra Action model numbers may be listed. Does not fit any other Norelco models.

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