Review of Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver

If you are insecure about the body grooming process and are not comfortable about his subject "STOP READING THIS NOW". This was meant for informational purposes only.

Yes, the rumors are true...I am now the proud owner of the Norelco "Bodygroom".And let me just say this "A+ Norelco, well done". Now lets get into my formal review of the product.

Appearance: Very nice, comes with a charging stand...fits in your hand nicely...easy to hold on to at awkward angles. Trimmer guards are a nice clear bright blue color...easy to find in the messiest of drawers. They are easy to pop on, however they can be stubborn to get off.

Underarm Hair:
This area was the most time consuming...the product did its job, however I would use it in conjunction with something a little more beefy to knock it down first...this is probably a first time only concern as follow-up jobs will be much easier.

Chest and Ab Hair:
No problems, a very nice look obtained with the number 2 guard.

Lets just say the "Bodygroom" is Shaft, Beanbag, and Starfish safe. No nicks or any pain...no worries...that does not mean go in there like a maniac...take your time...the two trimmers on the front and back(allow for push or pull stroke) knock down the forest while the foil on top produced nice smooth skin...Like any shaving product redness and skin irritation are inevitable (24 hrs later), however I noticed that the skin irritation was only about one third that of standard Mach 3 shave. The skin irritation was limited to the inner thighs (Shaft, Beanbag, and Starfish showed no signs of irritation)....Here is a word of warning, if you are a hairy man in the posterior / back (buttocks cheeks) region, I would not suggest going bald there...although the bodygroom does yield very smooth results, re-growth maybe a little annoying.

All in All the boodygroom is a great product and offers a safe way to prep those sensitive areas. I can not at this time give you a female perspective on this product...I can only assume that it will yeild similar results...I will keep you informed of any new developments.

Product Description
Norelco Bodygroom is the all-in-one grooming solution, exclusively for men, that safely trims and shaves all body zones.For below the neck use only.

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