Review of Norelco 7350XL

Bought this at a B&M store. I've needed a new razor for years but never wanted to spend more than [...] bucks or so. so I had a really basic 3 head norelco for years that did a basic job. ANyways finally decided to get a new razor the other day. It was between this model and norelcos next step down which was 10 dollars cheaper. the cheaper model didn't have a trimmer and didn't have teh ultra thin screen.

WHen I got home and after wrestling with the tank like packaging. I discovered that it came fully charged. After two shaves so far it's really nice. No discernable stubble and my goatee was left untouched. I got some minor razor burn on my lower neck on teh first use but that has more to do with my practice of not using pre-shave or after shave. The hinged pop open screen is nice for keeping the unit clean.

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