Review of Norelco Body Groom Replacement Foil Shaver Head - BG2000

The product is wonderful, so I'm not commenting on its quality per se.I have purchased these from Target Online as well as Amazon; it is the EXACT same product and works perfectly with my BG2020 groomer.

However, if you saw two hits for the BG2000 replacement foil head when you searched, click on the other one -- it is from Amazon itself, and that gets you two things:

1) SuperSaver Shipping (or Amazon Prime shipping if you have that service).That saves you at least $4.98 in shipping.

2) Amazon's new "Subscription" refills offer.It allows you to get a regular supply of these replacement heads in periods ranging from a few weeks to 6 months.PLUS it offers a 15% discount on EACH replacement foil head they deliver through the service. I signed up for it and it's an unbeatable deal.Shipping is still free on each as well, even if it is the only item shipped to you on refill dates.

Check it out -- it saved me some cash and the refill service is great for guys like me that forget to order them until the blades is so dull it's useless!

P.S. -- No, I do NOT work for amazon -- I just wish someone had pointed this out to me sooner, so I'm doing that favor (hopefully) for my fellow consumers.

Product Description
Designed to fit Body Groom 2020

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