Review of Philips Norelco 8175XL Speed XL Shaver System Patented Reflex Action

I got this razor after my old Braun electric razor finally died.It seemed like a good deal: the price was right, it came with useful accessories, and Norelco razors got pretty good reviews.Also, I liked that you could wash it under the sink, rather than having to use the cleaning fluid systems that the newer Braun razors use.

Unfortunately, the overall shaving experience has been a big disappointment and I am returning it.There have been a few problems: first, it just doesn't give me a good shave.It takes me forever to shave with this razor, and there are always areas that I just can't seem to shave close.Usually I just give up after a while without getting the shave I want.My face feels very rough again within about 12 hours.Also, it's very ineffective with longer hairs.With my old Braun I could use the trimmer to trim them down, and then the foil to shave them close.But the Norelco's trimmer is weak and difficult to use, both on random long hairs and on my sideburns.

But more than these other problems, the biggest issue is that the razor just plain hurts.It feels like it's pulling hairs, especially when I haven't shaved in 2-3 days and then try to shave again (which is frequently the case for me).I've gotten so that I almost dread shaving. On the occasions when I do shave a couple days in a row the razor works okay and doesn't seem to pull hairs as much.

They say that you're supposed to give your face 3 weeks to get used to a new shaver.It's been 1.5 months for me now, and the experience is still bad.I'm taking this razor back and going back to wet shaving; it's better for your face, and if you use a single-blade safety razor, it's cheaper and better for the environment too.As for the Norelco, maybe I got a bad razor or something. In any case I wouldn't recommend it.If you want an electric razor, consider a Braun.Mine lasted almost 20 years and was great.

Product Description
Norelco's Speed-XL Electric Shaving System with new technology features 3 sets of triple track blades, which covers 50% more shaving surface. Because SpeedXL covers more surface at one time it creates a faster shave, in addition, more blades create a smoother shave and more holes create a closer shave! SpeedXL Electric Shaving System also features a Patented Reflex Action® that automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible smoother shaving. Individually floating heads for exceptional closeness, and a Precision Cutting system with ultra thin heads to shave long hairs and holes to shave even the shortest stubble. When you are finished with your shave, simply rinse heads under the faucet for quick and easy clean-up! Features: Superior Lift and Cut® dual blade system gently lifts hair to cut comfortably below the skin level Patented Reflex Action automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible smoother shaving Precision Cutting System: Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble Individually floating heads align the razor sharp blades closer to your skin for exceptional closeness Stainless steel blades Easy Read 7 LED Multi-Purpose display: Battery level, battery low warning, cleaning indicator, shaving head replacement indicator Simply rinses clean, quick and easy Spring-release full-width trimmer is perfect for grooming sideburns and moustache Rechargeable cordless/corded: Use anywhere 1-hour full charge for up to 55 minutes shave time or 17 days cordless shave time 3-minute quick charge for 1 cordless shave Automatic charging stand Hair collection chamber, electronic On/Off switch Pearl silver lacquering Soft/hard travel pouch Protective razor head cap, coil cord and cleaning brush Lithium Ion battery Automatic worldwide voltage Full 2-year warranty

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