Review of Norelco All-in-1 Grooming System - G370

I wasn't looking for a life-changing personal care appliance; I just wanted a new rechargeable trimmer to replace my dying old one. I stumbled across this gizmo in a store (I won't say where) and saw all the attachments and and the pricepoint and figured I'd give the Norelco name the benefit of the doubt and take a chance on it. I have been quite pleasantly surprised.

Not only do all of the attachments work well, it's more powerful than I expected. My previous trimmer had a wide, blunt tip, and it was hard to see what I was doing in a mirror because the shaver blocked my view. This trimmer's tip is tapered so it's easy to see the point of contact. And the nose hair trimmer is more powerful than my old AA-battery-powered model, so I trashed that one as well, which has simplified my morning routine. Cleanup is also easier, since the attachments can be detached and flushed in the sink.

As for battery life, I followed the directions when doing the initial charge, and I've used the trimmer quite a few times over the past four weeks without having had to recharge yet.

So in conclusion, I recommend this product without reservation! I wouldn't say it's changed my life, but it has simplified my mornings at least.

Product Description
From your head to your beard to outlines, the Norelco G370 is a hair trimmer that takes a universal approach to facial grooming.Mini Shaver shaves and finishes lines and edgesHair clipper with 9 locking length settingsBeard & moustache trimmer with 9 locking length settingsNose, ear and eyebrow trimmerPrecision trimmer to create and define even the most intricate stylesTrimming attachments simply rinse clean quick and easy

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