Review of Philips Norelco 6701X Cool Skin Lotion Dispensing Shaver

I've had this for a week now.I have a very heavy beard that goes in all directions.This unit is at the bottom of their Coolskin line and uses their older shaving head technology, by the way (all slots vs their new technology which uses a combination of slots + holes).I use it with shaving foam, not their expensive Nivea packets.I get a reasonably close shave, though it's difficult to shave under my nose and under my chin, thos areas never get as close as I want.The unit feels cheap and uses NiCad batteries -- this is the biggest problem I have with it.NiCads suffer from memory effect unless you frequently let it run down all the way (and as you can't run this unit while corded that presents a problem!They actually recommend that you let it lose almost all its power before recharging, I guess you're supposed to turn it on and go away).On other products that use NiCads the charging unit itself will first dishcarge the battery thus eliminating the memory effect, but not this charger.Also, the charger will not prevent overcharging -- you can't leave it in the charger more than 8 hours or it will shorten the battery life!In my view these are fatal flaws.I'm sending it back.By the way, it does NOT include a trimmer.

Note: I've since discovered the Remington MS3-3700 and recommend that shaver.See my review of it

Product Description
Norelco's Cool Skin Razors can be used in or out of the shower and provide a shave just as close as a blade without the nicks and cuts and the convenience of an electric razor .The Cool Skin Razor dispenses Nivea for Men Shaving Lotion or Gel that sets your beard up for an unexpectedly close and comfortable wet shave, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed.

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