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I purchased the Philips Norelco 8020X Moisturizing Shaving System as a replacement for my Norelco 5801XL Reflex Action Shaver.My decision for a new shaver was based on the need for replacement blades coupled with the NiCads no longer holding a good charge in the Reflex.Initially I looked at display shavers at Target and was considering a shaver in the Philips Norelco Arcitec line.Since the Arcitec's were the most expensive and wet, lotion dispensing shavers seemed gimmicky, I figured the Arcitec was the way to go.I never even considered a foil shaver as I have always believed rotaries are better.I don't know why but it's just like some people think Toyota is better than Ford.

I began to read some reviews on the various shavers.It seemed to me the common thread was Norelco's Moisturizing Shavers faired better than the Arcitecs.I thought I would give the 8020X a try.I believe shave quality is the same for the 8020X, 8040X and 8060X .Price difference is based on secondary features like auto lotion refill, shorter charge times and longer shave times.I made the decision to buy the cheapest in the line, based on parallel shaving performance between the three.

Instructions were simple and set up was easy.Out of the box I charged the shaver for the required 8 hours.I then filled it with the trial size Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner supplied.This was simple and there was no mess.The back of the shaver is transparent and you can see when you have filled it to the max line.Wait a couple of seconds between pumps, as the lotions seems to expand inside the shaver's cartridge once dispensed (overfilling just wastes the lotion as it dispenses from two blade centers).

In addition to face shaving I also shave my head.I have very little hair on the crown and normal hair growth on the sides and back of my head.I was never able to get a good head shave with my previous Norelco and I used Schick Xtreme 3 blades for my head.

My first use of my 8020X was in the shower shaving my face and my head.I dispensed the entire cartridge of conditioner during this process.The shave was comfortable as I am already used to rotary shave.The closeness was about the same as the Reflex on the face and it did a fairly decent job on the head (it looked closer than it felt).

I contacted Norelco via live chat.I inquired about using a shave gel, which I can apply directly to my skin due to the amount of conditioner I used, dispensed through the shaver.My thought is this would be more economical.I was informed I can use Nivea for Men Shaving Gel, but other products might harm the shaver.

Upon my second use I figured out a pretty good system.I applied the shave gel to my head and shaved my head.I then moved on to my face using the conditioner dispensed through the shaver.Both products complement each other as they are scented the same.This worked well.Due to the gel and conditioner I was able to make more passes over the stubble for a closer shave without fear of burn or irritation.The result was the closest, most comfortable shave I have ever received with an electric shaver (this is my third electric).

Don't judge your shave right out of the shower.Wait until you have dried off and your pores close.Then feel your beard.Your shave will feel much closer than when you initially finish your shave.

If you're not interested in a wet shave or shaving in the shower I wouldn't recommend this shaver, even though I haven't tried it dry yet.It doesn't catch cut hair but this is a non-issue in the shower.

This shaver, partnered with Nivea for Men, is a shaving system I recommend if you want a comfortable and close shave.

Product Description
The Norelco cool skin mens cordless razor dispenses Nivea Lotion Or Gel for a smoother shave. The Glide Ring Moisturizing Shaving System features Glide Rings that spread the lotion evenly onto your skin, therefore reducing irritation. Also, Flex Tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face & helps protect against skin irritation. For your convenience this razor can be used in or out of the shower. The 8020X Lift & Cut Technology dual blade system gently lifts hair to cut below skin level, for that smooth sexy look. Full Charge Time is 8 hours and up to 30 minutes operation time. Unit flashes when shaver Is fully charged. AC adapter is included.Flex Tracker - Automatically Tracks The Curves Of Your Face & Helps Protect Against Skin IrritationProtective Cap LED Charge Indicator / Low Battery Indicator Charging Stand Charge Status Lamp Flashes When Shaver Is Fully Charged Full Charge Time 8 Hours Corded / Cordless Operation Up To 30 Minutes Operation Time AC Adapter Included Worldwide Voltage Adjustment - 100V to 240V AC Shaving Conditioner Trial Can -28mlReplacement Powerplug -HQ8500 (Sold Separately)Replacement Shaving Unit -HS85 (Sold Separately)Shaving Conditioner Refill Can -HS800 (Sold Separately)

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