Review of Philips Norelco T770 Accu-Vac Beard and Moustache Trimmer

I can't help but laugh when I remember all those reviews I saw here about the Norelco T-770 Accu-Vac Beard Trimmer from people that whined & bitched about how the vacuum wouldn't get it all.Compared to the previous model I had from them (a Norelco T-860), the difference is extremely noticible.Hell, it was like the difference between night & day!!There was barely ANY leftover hair at all after I was done!!I seriously have to wonder if those people were even using this product the correct way.

In any case, the Norelco T-770 will be most effective when you do these two things:

1) When trimming your beard, make sure not to move the trimmer too fast & to make smooth & gentle movements.Doing so will make the vacuum more effective & powerful.

2) Makre sure to clean out the hair collection chamber after each use to achieve the beard trimmer's maximum suction power.The more that's in there, the less suction power you'll have, and the greater the mess you'll have.

These two simple steps will greatly reduce the mess you'll have to deal with.

The look and the color scheme of the Norelco T-770 has been upgraded. The hair collection chanber is totally clear now, and the color scheme is now totally black with white lettering.It looks a hell of a lot cooler than the one depicted in the photo that Amazon.com displays.Also, being that there's a built-in vacuum, the plug has increased a little in weight.

I don't like, though, how Norelco chose to not include a canvas traveling case with the T-770 model.I would've loved to be able to put everything (i.e. beard trimmer, charging cord, cleaning brush) away neatly.For most people, though, I guess putting everything in a drawer will be just fine.I also didn't like discovering that (like with my previous Norelco trimmer) that the same small & puny-looking cleaning brush I had before ended up being included with this model.In short, it's too short to get the job done.Norelco seriously needs to put out a cleaning brush that looks more like the ones that Braun puts out.They're a hell of a lot more bigger & get the job done more effetively (I use one to regularly clean it, so I'd know).

But in the grand scheme of things, those two things aren't that big of a deal.I think I got my money's worth with this purchase.Including this model, Norelco puts out three different versions of their AccuVac beard trimmer.The model that's above the one I purchased (the T-870) actually takes an extra hour more to charge up (11 hours).There is one model above that, though (the T-970) that charges up in less than an hour.But when you think about it, beard trimming is something that (unlike shaving) you'll only do every couple of days, so I don't really get why that'd be important.Especially since Norelco charges almost double the price for it.So if you want an AccuVac beard trimmer from Norelco without having to pay a high price, I'd get the Norelco T-770.You get more bang for your buck.

Product Description
Norelco's AccuVac Beard and Moustache Trimmer offers the best of both worlds; precise even trimming with no mess.The Accu Control System is a Norelco patented flexing guide comb which adjusts to facial contours for precise, even trimming every time.Along with this goof proof feature, the AccuVac System has superior vacuum suction that captures cut hairs so there is no mess to clean.

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