Review of NORELCO CONSUMER PRODUCTS 6423LC Corded Reflex Razor

This is a terrific product that I highly recommend.Just like the description says it has great contour control and uses a lift and cut method of shaving which results in a smooth and comfortable shave.The shaver heads follow the contours of your face to effectively remove hair.Irritation and redness are non-existent with this product and it has a very quiet motor and is easy to use.You'll be satisfied with the results you get. Some of the features are: a protective razor head cap to protect the razor heads, a hair chamber which captures shaven hair, a full width pop-up trimmer, automatic worldwide voltage of 100v to 240v AC and a cleaning brush. Also includes an instruction booklet with user instructions, warnings, cleaning directions and shaving method as follows:
1. Turn on the razor and shave AGAINST the direction of beard growth using BOTH straight and circular movements.
2. Stretch your skin with your free hand so blades can lift and cut whiskers.
3. Gently press razor to skin so the floating heads can follow the contours of your face.DON'T press too hard since too much pressure can pinch the skin into the heads.
This is a great product that I hope you'll buy and enjoy!

Product Description
Corded Reflex Action Razor, Featuring The Reflex Action Shaving System With Contour Control That Automatically Adjusts In All Directions To Hug The Unique Facial Contours For A Closer, More Comfortable Shave, The Heads Independently Float To Align The Raz

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