Review of Remington MB-900 High Precision Washable Mustache and Beard Trimmer

I had high hopes for this beard trimmer, but was disappointed immediately upon opening the box. feeling the teeth of the trimmer with my fingers I found them to be sharp and too thin.Upon trying to use the trimmer to edge my beard I found, as I had feared, that the sharp teeth pulled and scratched my skin. It also had a habit of pulling hairs. While using it with the trimmer guards, I found that holding it at some angles caused the trimmer to trim closer than expected leaving me with a short patch on my chin that had to be evened out.

This trimmer was advertised as being able to run being plugged in or from the battery, but it did not run worth a darn plugged in.

The final clincher for me with hating this beard trimmer was that while most other beard trimmers make reference to using ni-cad batteries on the packaging, this trimmer had no such reference, so I had hopes it used a better battery.I was greatly disappointed when I found buried in the included manual that the trimmer had a ni-cad battery.This means that if I were to have kept the trimmer it would have been useless after a year or two.

It really ticks me off that manufacturers insist on using short lived ni-cad batteries when putting in a good nickel metal hydride battery would only increase the cost of the product a few dollars and would double or triple the useful life of the product.This built in obsolescence of products creates a horrible environmental waste, not to mention wastes consumer's hard earned money.

I returned my trimmer to the store from which I bought it a few days after buying it.I almost never return products, but I was not about to keep this trimmer.

Don't buy this product.

Product Description
Look your sharpest with Remington's beard styler! The MB900 is our most premium styling tool. The washable grooming kit has 3 professional trimming blades for precise styling and finishing. The titanium coated blades are self sharpening and never need to be replaced. So create a cleaner more confident look with Remington. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and two year limited warranty.

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