Review of Norelco Arcitec Razor - 1050X

Norelco has done it again with the introduction of a new type of shaving experience which simply put is the very best yet.I have used Norelco electric razors for at least 15 years, and of all the models I have owned the Arcitec Razor stands head and shoulders above the others for comfort, ease of use, ease of cleanup (you wash it out under the hot water tap) and closeness.I have always had to resort to using shaving cream and a blade to get those pesky neck hairs that other Norelcos could not cut.This model cuts them all in comfort, and without pulling or tugging on your face.I can't wait to start my day with this shaver.You might be tempted to buy something a little less expensive but in the case of the Arcitec you get what you pay for, and that is superb shaving every single time.Buy one and enjoy it tomorrow morning.You will not regret it.

Product Description
The Norelco Arcitec rechargeable / cordless mens shaver is Norelco's most advanced shaver. This Men's Shaver has three tracks per shaving head which offers 50 percentmore shaving surface, so your shaving is fast and easy. Precision Cutting System has ultra thin heads and shaves hair with different lengths. Precision Tube Trimmer cuts hairs closer to the skin for that sexy close shave. Hair Collection Chamber is a convenient feature to catch all your cut hairs. Full charge time is 1 Hour and you get up to 70 minutes operation time!The Charge Status Lamp Flashes when shaver is fully charged. AC Adapter Included. This unit is washable - easily rinses clean. Precision Tube Trimmer Cuts Hairs Closer To The Skin Flex & Pivot Action - three Independently Flexing Heads That Swivel Hair Collection Chamber Cleaning Brush Protective Cap / Protective Head Cap Washable - Easily Rinses Clean LED Charging Indicator Battery Charging Light / Charging StandCharge Status Lamp Flashes When Shaver Is Fully Charged 3 Minute Quick Charge For One ShaveFull Charge Time 1 Hour Corded / Cordless Operation Up To 70 Minutes Operation Time AC Adapter Included Worldwide Voltage Adjustment / 100V to 240V AC Replacement Head Assembly -RQ10 (Sold Separately)

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