Review of Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper

Perfect for: Cutting kids hair (and adults too)

Includes: How-to dvd, instructions, carrying case, comb, scissors, cleaning tool, two clipper guides that clip onto the clippers (one for cutting hair from 1/8 inch to 7/8 inch, also shown in 3-21 mm, the other for cutting hair from 1 inch to 1 3/4 inch, or 24-42 mm), the actual clippers, charging cable/plug, apron

In a Nutshell: This was an easy-to-use system right out of the box.A few things I loved about the Norelco kids clipper - it comes with a great apron that helps keep the cut hair off your child, making clean-up much easier when you have a kid who barely sits still long enough for you to cut their hair in the first place.Another plus - the clipper guides - they are easy to use/adjust, they are slightly flexible which makes cutting a little easier, and the edges are rounded, which reduces the ability of poking an ear or other facial feature.Finally, the clipper itself is great - it is a good size to hold in your hand, is lightweight, has the ability of being charged ahead of time for cordless use, or use with a cord for use any time.I do wish I could store the dvd in the carrying case, but the opening isn't quite large enough to fit it inside.

Overall - this is a great new system that makes cutting your kids (or an adults easy cut) hair at home easier!Don't forget to add a cartoon or movie to keep your child's attention focused on one place for a longer amount of time.

Product Description
Designed for kids, made for moms. Giving children a haircut should be a stress-less experience. Introducing a unique hair clipper that's quieter, safer and easier to use, for great haircuts every time! The new Philips Norelco Kids Clipper is simple to use with two combs that provide 15 length settings, and provides cordless use for freedom of movement during a cut. But cutting kids' hair is as much about the how-to as the clipper. Included is a Philips Norelco DVD to help you and your child prepare for a fun hair cutting experience together.

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