Review of Norelco T-770 AccuVac Beard & Moustache Trimmer T770

This unit seems ok at first, if a bit underpowered compared to similar battery operated trimmers. Even when fully charged, the blades move too slowly, and it doesn't do an effective job of trimming. With the blade guard removed, it is so bulky that it can't easily be used to trim in tight spots around the nose or ears.

The unit uses NiCd cell which is sealed within the housing. NiCd, or the Nickel Cadmium cell, has among the lowest life of rechargeable batteries, and the worst recharge characteristics for infrequent use. A 3 year life for this product is either luck or fiction; this trimmer may die sooner than you may expect. My Norelco T770 died after about a year and a half.

Once the cell loses its ability to take a charge, you can toss it. There is no cost-effective or easy way to replace the cell inside the unit.

Bottom line: don't waste your money. Buy a trimmer that can cut, and is not meant to be disposable.

Product Description
Norelco T770 Accu Vac Beard & Moustache Trimmer

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