Review of Norelco 6756X Deluxe Advantage Wet/Dry Cordless Men's Razor

The Norelco Advantage Shaver is the best electric shaver I used to date. I myself have sensitive skin so I tend break out around my neck from standard shavers and electric shavers. The "Advantage" to this shaver is that is has a built in Gel or Lotion to help smooth out your shave, along with great cutting "Lift and Cut" blades. Also you can use it with water too. With the Lotion it acts as a nice smooth shaving surface keeping your skin protected. The Lotion acts as a moisturizer making you skin feel soft and shaver burn free. Cleaning is simple with just a flip of the shaver lid. You can then rinse it out with warm water and then your done. Charging is done with a neet stand and the shaver lasts up to 45 minutes. The unit includes a snap on side burn trimmer. The shaver itself feels like a solid piece with excellent construction and not that "Cheap Plastic" feel to it. Extra items in the kit are 10 free packs of Shaving gel and lotion, a carry case, a brush, and a good instruction manual. I recommend reading the warrenty information too. It is good for 2 years for most of your service problems. So for those of you not sure of getting an electric, your money will be well spent on this shaver, especially people with sensitive skin. They do make lower models too (under a ($$$)) whichare also the same unit with less features but they other the same benifits of a close, soft and comfortable shave.

Product Description
Norelco 6756X .. The Norelco Advantage is the only electric shaver that dispenses Nivea for Men shaving lotion or gel for a close, refreshing shave with less irritation. Contour Control automatically adjusts to every curve on your face. Lift and Cut Technology lifts hair to cut below skin level fro a comfortable, close shave. Water Resistant for use in or out of the shower. Includes 10 Nivea for Men alcohol-free cartridges and a handy steam-free shower mirror. Advantage provides the best of both worlds, the convenience of an electric shaver and the wet shave experience of a blade.

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