Review of Norelco 6863XL Norelco Deluxe Reflex Plus Shaver

I have had several Norelco Shavers. I recently purchased the newest and most expensive model 9160 SmartTouch for $150. It wasn't as good as my old 6400 series, so I returned it. The newer shavers, 7000 series and higher, have heads with slots and round holes. The round holes are useless. All the series below 7000 have only slots in the heads, and you get a much better shave. Whatever series you decide on, buy the model in that series with the best charge life. Usually the higher the model # in each series, the better the battery and features are. I ended up with the 6863XL and I love it.

Product Description
Reflex Action, automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving. 5 LED battery charge meter displays charge level in batteries.

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