Review of Norelco 7885XL Quadra Action Two-Stage Cutting Shaving System

I've been using this razor for the last 7 years.I've used it just about every day since I received it and have been nothing but pleased with this razor.

Without looking, I believe it charges up to just under 40 minutes, and the LCD display lets you know how many minutes are left before your next charge.Considering how old my razor is, I'm impressed that the rechargeable battery seems to hold a charge just as well as when the razor was new.

The easy-to-read display also alerts you when it's time for a cleaning. Simply flip open the top, tap out the clippings and rinse it under the tap with water.

My razor also came with a plastic stand which cradles the razor nicely on the bathroom counter when not in use.It also came with a clamshell-type plastic case that holds a cleaning brush and the recharge cord.The case is nice for throwing in the suitcase on trips.

The heads on this razor are nicer than cheaper models I've seen.They pivot and go in-and-out and give a very nice shave for an electric razor. Be warned that you need to change the blades on the electric razor.I change my blades about once every other year, and I've found that replacements typically run about $28.

This razor also has a good weight to it and is easy to hold with either your right or left hand.My only complaint is that you can tell the blades are slower when less than 4 minutes of battery life remains.

Product Description
The three floating heads on this cord/cordless shaver adjust in multiple directions to fit facial contours while Norelco's Lift & Cut below-skin shaving technology employs a two-stage cutting system (slots for longer hairs and holes for stubble) to produce a close, smooth shave. A full-width trimmer pops up for neat work on sideburns and mustaches. Perfect for the traveling man because it works worldwide on 100-volt to 240-volt systems, the razor recharges fully in one hour for 45 minutes of cordless shaving time or quick-charges in six minutes for a three-minute shave. An LCD meter tells how many minutes of shaving time remain when the shaver is operating cordless, displays the charging level, signals when the shaver needs recharging, and indicates when cleaning is needed. (Rinsing under running water is all that's needed.) The shaver fits the hand comfortably and comes in a soft, molded-plastic travel case. It carries a 60-day, full-satisfaction, money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty against defects. Power Source: AC 100-240V (automatic voltage conversion) Charge Time: 1 hour Operating Time: Approx 45 minutes Quick Charge: Yes

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