Review of Norelco Deluxe Reflex Plus Shaver w/LED - 6863XL

Though this is one of the models in the "lower" groups of Norelco's offerings, it has more than enough bells and whistles.I really can't see why anyone would need more.My first shave with this razor ended with the best shave I have ever had in my life.Just read on and follow all the suggested steps.

Norelco instructs us that all razors of this model should be fully charged for 4 hours before the first shave. I believe that all of Norelco's razors are given if not a full charge, a partial charge.The manual also explains about the LED lights that indicate the percentage of charged power available to the razor.When I plugged my razor in for charging, before using, it said 40% available and the 60% indicator was blinking (meaning not quite 60% full).Give the razor a full 4 hour charge, even if the LEDs say 100% in about 1 hour or so.Go the full 4 miles the first time around (remember, this razor has a quick charge function, so it may appear to be fully charged, it isn't, it's just your quick charge at work).I washed my face with plenty of soap and soaked my whiskers with a lot of water.Then I dried my face completely.Then, contrary to what Norelco says, I used a liquid preshave conditioner.Not a gel, not a powder (which should never be done with these razors), simply a liquid.Then I shaved - - - and it was the best shaving experience I have ever had.

The LED lights tell me everything I need to know - - 20%, 40%, on up to 100% power available.It starts blinking red at 20% power left.You can still shave; it's just letting you know that you need to charge it up.It does have the sideburn trimmer, which I have used and it performed wonderfully for me.

If this is the "lower" line, I don't know what you can do with the higher lines.I do not see any need for something beyond this razor.It has its cleaning brush for the razor heads, it has its charging cord, it has its neat little traveling pouch that holds the razor and all its accessories.What more do you need?

It feels comfortable and well balanced in my hand, it is very quiet, and it is a pleasant razor to look at.For the price, you cannot possibly go wrong.

Product Description
Boasting a 6-minute quick-charge feature for shaving on the go, the Norelco Deluxe Reflex Plus Shaver features a 5-LED meter with Full and Low indicators to signal battery power. When the light turns green, this cordless, rechargeable shaver is ready to deliver a superior, comfortable shave. Its reflex control automatically adjusts to the curves of the face, and patented Lift and Cut technology gives smooth results day after day. Includes a cleaning brush, coil cord and travel/storage pouch. Imported. 6Hx2Wx2D".

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