Review of Norelco Mens Electric Razor - 7845XL

Just like most of you, I have gone through my share of shavers and have even resorted to the "blade & cream" phase every now and then.Well, I'm here to tell you with all my confidence that your search is over.The Norelco 7845 (or probably any other Norelco Quadra Action shaver) is superb.

Pros:This shaver provides specifically what you are looking for... a hassle-free, quick, close shave.I get a nice, consistent close shave on my entire face.I've gone through other shavers (as you've already read) and this is by far the best.I'll be selling my (ever popular) Braun 7526 because it misses two areas on my neck (leaving an oddball patch of hair).I've had other floating-head (or rotary blade... I don't know the official term) that have conked-out on me or have been torturous to use... sometimes feeling like it was yanking hair off my face.I've used this shaver after skipping a few days and it works like a charm.Charges quickly.Holds a good/strong charge... I took this shaver to Mexico City for 10 days with excellent results.Replacement blades are easy to find... I'm not sure what another reviewer was complaining about but the replacement blades are everywhere (online and at all the department stores).And the price is right... especially when you compare it to all the shavers in its class.

Cons:Okay... the beard trimmer is a bit basic.I will not go so far as to say it is clumsy or cheap.I have a goatee (sp?) and it works fine for me.I 'do' have a separate beard trimmer I use for that once a month I trim-down my beard.

You will be pleased with this purchase.I wouldn't waste my time writing a review if I did not stand behind this product.Thank you.

Product Description
Norelco's Quadra Action Shaving System, Two Stage Cutting Action, slots cut the long hairs, holes shave the stubble for a closer, more comfortable shave.

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