Review of Philips Norelco Razor Arcitec 1060XD, New! The Most Advanced Model

When I first got the Norelco Arcitec I was not very favorably impressed.I had been usint top-of-the-line Brauns for many years.But the more recent Brauns, using so-called "Gillette technology", did not give me a comfortable shave.They frequently pulled and even cut my face, especially when I had not shaved for 2 or 3 days.The Norelco is much more comfortable -- no pulling or nicking -- and has replaced the Brauns.The working area of the new Norelco is much larger than previous models, thus I can get a good shave more quickly.It is true, however, that the Brauns give a closer shave.But I now believe that "closeness" is an over-rated virtue, so I will use the Norelco to obtain a quicker and more comfortable shave.

Product Description
Perfectly close, even on the neck. Designed around the shaving experience, the Philips arcitec is effortless to use with an ultra slim, ergonomic, body. The advanced features combine two revolutionary technologies to provide a perfectly close shave, even on the neck: Flex & Pivot Action ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas. Triple Track shaving heads provide 50 % more shaving surface compared to conventional shaving heads.

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