Review of Philips Norelco 7775X Cool Skin Lotion Dispensing Shaver

I have VERY sensative skin and when using a regular razor or a mach 3 I can only shave every other day or my face is a wreck.With this shaver I can shave every day or twice a day if I need to with no irritation.The shave is about as close as a single blade not at all as close as Mach 3.

I liked the moisturizing lotion better than the extra fresh gel.The gel has menthol and burned my face so if you have sensative skin I would avoid ever using it.The lotion felt great.For me and the ammount of lotion I use it is cheaper to buy lotion cartridges than new mach 3 blades.It could be different for you if you use more lotion though.

It works great in the shower and great at the sink.I even used it once when my water pump quit on me and without water it worked fine just using more lotion.

This shaver really works great and its great to be able to shave daily without irritation instead of skipping days to let my face heal.

Product Description
Norelco's Cool Skin Razors can be used in or out of the shower and provide a shave just as close as a blade without the nicks and cuts and the convenience of an electric razor .The Cool Skin Razor dispenses Nivea for Men Shaving Lotion or Gel that sets your beard up for an unexpectedly close and comfortable wet shave, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed.

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