Review of Remington Titanium Body Groomer - BHT2000

I like this thing. It's got good battery life, feels good in your hand and pretty quiet. I've never used it wet but it does a good job as a dry clipper, the hair length setting is very easy to use & I like the lengths you can choose from.I clip pretty short, about 1/4 inch (setting 3, of 5) from my collar bone to just above my stuff.I want my "junk" slick, with a sharp line at the border of slick and clipped, so I use a wet razor on the "parts."Because of that, I've only tried the shaver attachment a couple of times.I don't think it defines the shaved edge as clearly as i want. If you're leavin' your bush a little longer, the sharp edge wouldn't matter, I suppose. For the nutz, it depends on what you want--if you want them less than slick, use the comb/guide at "1" and only you and someone *very* close will know they ain't slick. But I'd definitly NOT use any kind of unguarded clipper on the boys for fear of getting them bitten, and clipper bites *do* hurt.I like mine slick, so I use a wet razor on them. (I rarely draw blood & it's surprisingly painless when I do. VERY surprising) So, I'd recomment the BHT2000 as a clipper, but I really haven't used the shaver enough to have an opinion on it.

Product Description
Rechargeable30-day money-back guarantee and a 2 year full warranty120VThe BHT-2000 is for all your body zones and has 2 tools in 1! The titanium coated trimmer is great for areas where you want the hair trimmed and the dual-foil shaver gives you a smooth, shaved surface. These two different tools will give you precise results and keep you well-groomed on any part of your body!

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