Review of Philips Sonicare Advance 4300 Power Toothbrush

With little effort this tooth brush will clean your teeth
squeaky clean. Your tongue will feel the difference. I have been using this tooth brush for years and everytime
I visit the dentist for my semi-annual cleaning, the dental
assistant has very little to do in cleaning my teeth.

Product Description
Sonicare Advance 4300 Power ToothbrushThe Sonicare Advance has the patented sonic technology, high-speed bristle motion and dynamic fluid cleaning action that made it an instant hit with users and the #1 choice of U.S. dental professionalsProtect your teeth and gums with patented sonic technology! The Sonicare Advance 4300 makes a difference in your mouth. It significantly reduces coffee, tea and tobacco stains, and improves gum health by reversing gingivitis and helping shrink periodontal pockets. You'll have whiter teeth and healthier gums in 28 days--guaranteed! Features a 2-minute Smartimer to insure precision cleaning time, plus a Quadpacer 30-second interval timer that alerts you when its time to brush each section of your mouth. Includes handy travel case.The Sonicare Advance 4300 comes with everything to make proper brushing virtually foolproof.Features: Patented Sonic Technology Easy-Start brushing power ramp-up Smartimer 2-minute automatic shut-off Quadpacer 30-second interval timer Ergonomic non-slip gripContents: 1 interchangeable color-coded brush head (1 Standard) 1 Charger base 1 Travel case 2-year Limited WarrantySonicare's Advance 4300 (previously known as the QP-3) cleans with an ultrahigh-speed motion, leaving teeth feeling sparkling fresh. Extra-soft bristles let the user apply as much pressure as desired, making the Sonicare perfect for people with sensitive teeth, braces, and implants. While proven to be as or more effective than manual brushing for removing plaque and preventing gingivitis, the Sonicare Advance is also guaranteed to remove 80% of tobacco, tea, and coffee stains in just 28 days. The 4300 features the Smartimer, which shuts off the brush automatically after two minutes, as well as the Quadpacer interval timer, which beeps every 30 seconds, allotting each quadrant of the mouth equal brushing time. A two-year warranty covers the handle and charger against defects.

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