Review of Norelco 8260XLCC Speed-XL Shaver

I have the Philips Norelco 8160XLCC. It is the best electric razor I've ever owned. It gives a very clean smooth cut.

Product Description
The Norelco 8260XLCC Speed-XL Shaver features 50% more shaving surface for a fast close shave. The Jet Clean system automatically washes away debris and stubble. The contour following system of the Norelco 8260XLCC follows the contours of the face catching each hair with one stroke. The precision cutting system features ultra thin heads with slot to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble. Plus, the super lift and cut technology of the Norelco 8260XLCC ensures a close shave with a dual blade system designed to lift hairs to cut comfortably below skin level.

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